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This page lists the most popular as well as the newest active MapRoulette Challenges for the past month. If you have any questions about MapRoulette, please email MapRoulette is maintained by Martijn van Exel.

Most popular challenges

ChallengeTasks looked at past monthAuthor *
Add platforms to passenger rail stations1310---
Missing Crosswalks of Wallis in Switzerland (Switzerland)232---
Texas Cemeteries134---
Old Aerodromes USA120---
Hollywood Hills pools81---
Silverlake pools66---
Missing Crosswalks of Bern in Switzerland (Switzerland)43---
Missing Crosswalks of Freiburg in Switzerland (Switzerland)39---
Capital places without Wikidata - Europe301984_is_me
Check Motorway Upgrades28---

* For older challenges, the author can be empty / unknown.

Newest Challenges

ChallengeTasks totalAuthor
BuildingRoadIntersectionCheck2041Marion Barry
Incorrect use of lane tag679DoubleA
Bad Ramps in Ecuador1Telenav OSM Integrity Checks